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Pressure Release Valve

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The valve releases trapped pressure to allow quick couple connection. It is mounted between the directional valve and the plow quick couplers. When it is shifted the valve releases trapped pressure that would make it difficult or impossible to connect the quick couplers.

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  • Easy to Pull Release Lever
    • Regardless of how much pressure is trapped the valve can be operated without the need for any tools.
  • Through Ports For Easy Plumbing
    • Through port design eliminates the need for tee fittings and hose brackets.
  • Limited Release Speed
    • Rapid release of the trapped pressure is prevented by internal dampening.
  • Mounting Capability From Either the Right or Left Side
    • Mounting is simplified with ability to mount the valve from either side and still have the handle on the top.
  • SAE 08 Work Ports and SAE 04 Tank Ports
    • Common port sizes associated with plow hoses.
  • 3,000 P.S.I. Pressure Rating