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912 Series Split Shaft Gear Box

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912 Series

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Chelsea 912 Series Split Shaft PTO/gear box is designed with three 8-Bolt PTO apertures for applications in which the transmission is not capable of the required torque. It can be shift with air or lever.

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The 912 Series Split Shaft gear box is designed specifically for the Class 7 and 8 trucks with an automatic transmission and only one or no PTO openings on the transmission. Designed to be mounted between the transmission and rear axle, this driveline driven gear box can also solve design problems for driven equipment mounted at the rear of the vehicle. The 912 features three 8-Bolt openings allowing a variety of Chelsea PTOs to be mounted. This unit is an excellent choice when you need to operate more than one piece of driven equipment. This unit can be lever or air shifted. It features six input /output options offering SPL-170, SPL-250, 1610, 1710 or 1810 Series flanges attached to the unit or a no flange option. The 912 can also be mounted in reverse that allows the vehicle to be creep-driven back through the Split-Shaft.


  • Oil & Gas
  • Mobile
  • Vocational & Municipal
  • Other Mobile

Features and Benefits:

  • Three 8-Bolt openings that allow you to operate a variety of auxiliary equipment
  • Wide variety of 6-Bolt, 8-Bolt, PowerShift, and Reversible PTOs fit the 912 Series
  • Air and Lever shift available
  • Two Year Warranty


  • Pumper Cleaner
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Tire Service Vehicles


Intermittent Torque:

  • 501+ lb-ft
  • 501+ Nm

Mounting Type:

  • Split Shaft
  • Gear Boxes

Output Shaft Type:

  • 2-3/4" 10T Spline

Output Power:

  • 56+ HP
  • 51+ kW

Transmission Manufacturer:

  • Other

Shift Type:

  • Lever
  • Split Shaft

Torque Capacity with Gas Engine:

  • Automatic Transmission: 16000, Manual Transmission: 15000 lb-ft
  • Automatic Transmission: 21693, Manual Transmission: 20337 Nm

Torque Capacity with Diesel Engine:

  • Automatic Transmission: 17625, Manual Transmission: 16270 Nm
  • Automatic Transmission: 13000, Manual Transmission: 12000 lb-ft


  • 130 lb
  • 59 kg