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890 Series PowerShift Power Take-Off

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890 Series

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Chelsea 890 Series was designed to fit the Allison 3000/4000 Series transmissions. This design moves the PTO/Pump mounting flange to the rear of the transmission for better pump clearance. All 890s have Wet Spline outputs for longer pump spline life.

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Chelsea 890 Series Power Take-Off (PTO) is a hydraulic hot shift PTO for the Allison 3000 & 4000 transmissions that provides better clearance with the highest torque rating in the industry – up to 670 lbs-ft. It fits neatly between the transmission and the frame rail of the truck and locates the pump output to the rear of the transmission for adequate space. It mounts like a standard side mounted PTO but includes an additional bracket at the rear of the transmission for support. The 890 Series is a single unit, not a PTO with an extension. The main shaft is one-piece shaft eliminating the input splines between the PTO and the output extension. The clutch is located at the rear of the PTO to allow the housing and gear section to tuck in tightly to the transmission for improved clearance. The output utilizes Wet Spline Technology which extends PTO and pump shaft life in demanding conditions. The 890 Series can be ordered for transmissions with or without a cooler or retarder or both. It is a perfect PTO for aerial trucks, fire & rescue trucks, snow & ice, or anywhere pump space and high torque is required.


  • Aerial
  • Defense
  • On-Highway
  • Other Mobile

Features and Benefits:

  • Extended shaft to improve pump clearance
  • Continuous-Duty Torque Rating up to 670 ft-lbs
  • Wet-Spline Option to extend PTO/Pump shaft life
  • Two Year Warranty


  • Fire & Rescue Trucks
  • Pumper Cleaner
  • Truck Cranes
  • Refuse Trucks

Intermittent Torque:

  • 501+ lb-ft
  • 501+ Nm

Mounting Type:

  • 10-Bolt

Output Flange Type:

  • SAE C

Output Flange Type:

  • SAE C
  • SAE "C" ("XS") Output

Output Power:

  • 56+ HP
  • 51+ kW

Transmission Manufacturer:

  • Allison

Shift Type:

  • Hydraulic
  • PowerShift (Hydraulic)

Continuous Torque:

  • 908 (Check Application Pages for Actual Torque Ratings) lb-ft
  • 670 (Check Application Pages for Actual Torque Ratings) Nm

Shaft Power:

  • 500 RPM: 64, 1000: RPM 128 HP
  • 500 RPM: 48, 1000: RPM 95 kW


  • 88 lb
  • 39 kg