VDM Spool Valve

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VDM Spool Valve

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VDM Spool Valve is a manifold mounted spool valve designed for mobile applications. Manifold mounting allows a lever valve to be combined with the system manifold block. Work ports and cartridges, required by the spool section, are in the custom manifold block.

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  • Mobile control valve integrated with the system manifold block
  • Integration eliminates plumbing
  • Custom manifold block can be tailored to the spool sections
  • Customization improves versatility
  • Manifold mounting
    • Provides easier serviceability since the valve can be removed without breaking into plumbing
  • Precision spool in a honed cast iron bore
    • Great load holding capability with low work port leakage
  • Plated valve housing
    • Corrosion resistant, just like the valve cartridges screwed into the manifold
  • Wet spool ends
    • Positively protects spool ends and eliminates spool seals
    • A dirt resistant rotary seal is used on the manual lever
  • Maximum size, high force electro magnet
    • Valve powers through dirt and cold oil
  • Proven design
    • FORCE America has many years of experience manufacturing products for application in severe environments
  • Two sizes available
    • Both valve sizes can work side by side providing appropriate size and control