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Add-A-Stack® 4020

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AAS 4020

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The Add-A-Stack® 4020 valve is a multifunction valve originally designed to control cylinders and motors on truck applications. The enclosure is a cost effective solution to protect the valve from typical corrosion problems of exposed valves. A simple rubber latched cover employs a gasketless weather resistant seal design that stops harmful salt spray.

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  • Stackable high and low flow sections
  • Five different valve operators available
    • Valve can be controlled by cable, electric on/off, electro-proportional, and pneumatic or hydraulic piloted remote
  • Gear pump or load-sensing versions available
    • Adaptable to open center or closed center systems
  • Work port options standard
    • Reliefs, anti-cavitations, checks, and combinations are available for each work port
  • Stackable Spin-A-Veyer® valve section
    • A must to prevent spool and spool seal damage caused by corrosion
  • Optional individual section flow regulators
    • Each section can be field adjusted to a desired maximum flow
  • Enclosure accommodates bulkhead style sealed cables
  • Prewired valve harnesses
  • Level ports all exit on bottom side to accommodate enclosures

Valve Specifications:

  • 40 gpm* Nominal inlet flow rating
  • 3500 psi Operating pressure (maximum)
  • 300 psi Tank pressure (maximum)
  • 200 psi Minimum pressure requires (electric)
  • -40°F to +180° F Temperature range
  • Petroleum based 50-4000 ssu Fluid requirements
  • ISO 4406 18/14 Filtration requirements
  • BUNA-N Seals
  • No Mounting sensitivity

Electrical Specifications:

  • 12 VDC Rated voltage
  • 7.5 ohms Coil resistance (at 68°)
  • 2 amps Maximum current rating
  • 20 Watts
  • 100% Duty cycle
  • 50 Hz pwm Frequency
  • 24” leadwire with Packard electric connector