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Add-A-Fold® 4020 Valve

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AAF 4020

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The Add-A-Fold® 4020 valve is a multifunctional valve originally designed to control cylinders and motors on truck applications. The enclosure is a cost effective solution to protect the valve from typical corrosion problems of “exposed” valves. A simple rubber latched cover employs a gasketless weather resistant seal design that stops harmful salt spray.

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  • Manifold Mounted Valve Sections
    • Unsurpassed serviceability with bolt-on style valve sections
  • Modular Sub-Base Design
    • Provides unlimited configurations of valve sizes, including optional pressure compensation and work port reliefs
  • Rack and Pinion Manual Handle Overrides
    • Assists in troubleshooting and repair, with the added security of a robust manual control
  • Unique Self-Piloted Electric Actuators
    • Pilot coils use full internal system pressure, no pilot lines, filters, or reducing valves required
  • Gear Pump or Load-Sensing Versions Available
  • Optional Manifolds
    • Dual 2-way and zero leak three and four way elements provide enhanced performance
  • Pre-Wired Valve Harnesses
  • Level Ports All Exit on the Bottom Side