Dual Selector - Heavy Duty Electric 6 Port Valve

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This high flow solenoid operated 6W2P dual selector valve has two inlet ports and gives you the option to select between two sets of outlet ports. It is designed for adding after-market equipment functions to most mobile systems including construction, crane, mining and forestry equipment. It reduces plumbing multiple components with a single integrated manifold design.

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  • Adjustable cartridges on one set of outlet ports for metered flow
  • Can be converted to 12 VDC by replacing a single coil
  • Rated Flow: 80 GPM
  • Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Connection Type: Dual Lead Wires
  • Port Type: SAE 20
  • Gauge Port: SAE 04
  • Max Pressure: 4000 PSI
  • Block Material: Aluminum - 2024
  • Control Type: on/off
  • Mount Style: Threaded holes