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420 Series

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Danfoss 420 Mobile Piston Pump

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Danfoss 420 Series Pump Variable volume load sense piston pumps are specifically designed for mobile truck applications.

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  • A strong proven rotating group allows the pump to handle pressures up to 4000 PSI continuous and 4600 PSI intermittent.
  • 420 Series pumps are offered in two displacements, 3.80 CID capable of 42 GPM at 2600 RPM and 4.88 capable of 47 GPM at 2200 RPM.
  • Side-or end-ported models are available to facilitate plumbing and help fit the pump to your machine space needs. Multiple drain ports allow many mounting orientations, reducing installed costs.
  • 420 Series pumps operate at a level of quietness that exceeds the requirements of today’s demanding work conditions.