Group 2 Gear Pump CCW, SAE A, 5/8"-Keyed


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Group 2 Aluminum Pump 2.01 cubic inch displacement, 2200 psi, 2300 rpm rated. CCW (Left Hand), 2 Bolt (SAE A), 5/8"-Keyed (SAE A), SAE O-Ring Boss Ports
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Type Aluminum
Series AGP2
Cluster AGP2, CCW, 2 Bolt SAE A, 5/8"-Key
Part # AGP2-LA2-12101210-20163K
SKU 1162380
Length 5.75 in
Width 3.5 in
Height 4 in
Weight 8.5 lb
Rotation CCW
Port SAE
Port Location Side & Rear Ports
Displacement 2.01 cubic inch
Shaft 5/8"-Keyed (SAE A)
Mount 2 Bolt (SAE A)
Pressure 2200 psi
Side Pressure Port SAE -10 (5/8")
Side Suction Port SAE -12 (3/4")
Rear Pressure Port SAE -10 (5/8")
Rear Suction Port SAE -12 (3/4")