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FORCE America ONE System

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A turnkey, fully-integrated, one-ton package for commercial plow and spreader applications. A simple, powerful solution designed and manufactured by FORCE America.

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  • Total package includes valve tank enclosure, PTO, controller and joystick
  • Easy installation and usability
  • Easily added/removed for seasonal use
  • Automatically detected in system, no need for additional calibration
  • Ergonomic, compact design with adjustable mounting options
  • Quality components offering a powerful application
  • Built for commercial and public works organizations
  • Automatic electronic limiting to allow for greatly improved flow sharing capabilities
    • Choose from two default limiting schemes or create your own custom scheme. 
    • Limiting schemes allow flow sharing when multiple functions are operated simultaneously.
    • Eliminates the spreader or plow stalling while operating at low speeds.

5100ex Controller:

  • Manual open and closed loop modes
  • Accurate application of granular and prewet liquid de-icing materials
  • Integrated control for the plow and hoist operation
  • Compact, rugged design with intuitive navigation and comfort
  • Integration with PreCise MRM AVL/GPS

5150ex Joystick:

  • Fully adjustable mounting options
  • Easily added/removed for seasonal use
  • Automatically detected in system, no calibration needed
  • Stainless steel mounting plate for added support


  • Componenets under removeable cover include: valve, tank, filter, breather, sensors, electrical connections and hose end fittings
  • Maximum component protection
  • Easy access for maintenance and hose replacement
  • External mounted sight gauge


  • Compact monoblock design
  • Deutsch DT series plugs
  • Hydraulic prewet included
  • Clear port and coil labeling

Chelsea Power Take Off:

  • Noise suppression system
  • Simple installation