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InControl® IC3FA Tower

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A modular enclosure designed to hold up to six cable control sticks or other InControl modules including Hoist, PTO, Tailgate, Tarp, and Lift Axle functions.


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InControl is a modular in-cab control solution that is designed to support cable, air, electric and hydraulic controls.

The IC3FA tower comes with an adjustable height base and a removable rear cover for simple installation and service. The bays at the top and front of the tower can be fitted with up to three cable-operated remote valve controls (RVC) each for a total of six functions.

RVC packages are available in preconfigured assemblies for drop-in convenience or we can help design a custom package for your unique application.

Compatible RVC controls include:

  • Hoist
  • PTO
  • Tailgate
  • Tag Axle
  • Hydraulic Spreader
  • Electric Spreader
  • Tarp
  • Auxiliary Electric