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877 Series Constant Mesh Power Take-Off

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877 Series

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Chelsea 877 Series is a constant mesh PTO designed to fit Allison and CAT 10-Bolt transmissions. It has the highest torque capability in the smallest package available – up to 670 lbs-ft It is as robust as the 897 Series, but without the extended shaft.

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Power density is for what the Chelsea 877 Series Power Take-Off (PTO) is known. This series is constant mesh for applications that do not need to disengage like when using load-sense pumps. It utilizes a compact housing that helps eliminate clearance issues, but employs robust moving parts to ensure the best performance. It is available only for 10-Bolt applications that have a high torque requirement and a demanding work load. Two assembly arrangements are offered to maximize installation clearance. High capacity bearings and superior gear designs provide torque ratings up to 670 lbs-ft for the ultimate performance. There is no need to de-rate the PTO for continuous applications. The robust design of this PTO provides all the power necessary to get the work done. It features pressure lubrication integrated into the PTO housing that requires one hose for a simplified installation - the hose is included with the PTO. Eight internal gear ratios provide a wide variety of speeds to meet virtually all application requirements. Rotatable direct mount pump flange options are also available with our Wet Spline Technology that provides increased PTO and pump shaft life. Versatility, power, ease of maintenance and installation make the 877 Series the BEST choice for Snow & Ice. Refuse, Aerial, and Defense truck requirements.


  • Aerial
  • Defense
  • On-Highway
  • Other Mobile

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact housing height reduces clearance issues
  • Rotatable Output Flanges to maximize clearance
  • Wet Spline Technology to extend PTO & pump shaft life
  • Two Year Warranty


  • Fire & Rescue Trucks
  • Pumper Cleaner
  • Oil & Gas
  • Refuse Trucks
  • Snow & Ice

Continuous Torque:

  • 670 lb-ft (Check Application Pages for Actual Torque Ratings)
  • 908 Nm (Check Application Pages for Actual Torque Ratings)

Mounting Type:

  • 10-Bolt

Output Shaft Type:

  • 1410 Companion Flange
  • 1-1/2" 10T Spline w/1410 flange

Output Power:

  • 56+ HP
  • 51+ kW

Transmission Manufacturer:

  • Other
  • Allison

Shift Type:

  • Constant Mesh

Shaft Power:

  • 500 RPM: 64, 1000: RPM 128 HP
  • 500 RPM: 48, 1000: RPM 95 kW


  • 48 lb
  • 22 kg