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NAHAD HSI Certification

FORCE America has always made it a priority to invest in superior training, equipment, and processes to ensure quality products. To maintain our high standards and integrity, FORCE America has been an active member of NAHAD (North American Hose & Accessory Distribution) for over two decades. NAHAD is a largely established and recognized association that helps promote quality and safety for hose distributors. NAHAD Members can achieve their HSI (Hose Safety Institute) certification after being tested and educated on top-tier hose assembly specification, design, fabrication, handling, and more.  


For the past few years, FORCE America has been a current and ongoing HSI certified member in good standing. We have been formally trained and officially certified by an accredited agency on how to properly apply (STAMPED), Make, Store, Transport, etc. fluid conveyance products. FORCE America has enacted and implemented these guidelines to provide properly made hoses based on an advanced, proven industry curriculum. 


FORCE America uses the correct methods of hose assembly and will continue to be compliant in hose fabrication and testing.


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